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40$ Celsius Network referral code (initial registration!)

As of August 2020, Celsius Network changed the initial referral bonus system once again. Now each side receives 20$. Your total reward for this game will be 40$ since the next person will use your code

:name_badge: To subscribe to the game you must use previous person code, deposit at least 200$ worth of crypto into Celsius application. Otherwise, your code will be removed.

If you want to help Celsius Watch use Ivanf024 code on registration. But this way you can’t participate in this game.

What is the difference between the promo code and the referral code? Referral code can be used only during the initial registration, and promo code can be used any time after the registration.

Celsius Network is providing a 40$ bonus in BTC divided between the referred person and code owner. 20$ will be distributed after the initial deposit of 200$ or more.

Note: This game is only for yet not registered users, the promo code can be used only during the initial registration, before KYC.

Let’s start a little promo code sharing game here, so everybody receives some free BTC. The rules are straightforward:

  1. Use the promo code of the previous person, include proof. Post without proof will be removed.
  2. Add your promo code

My Celsius referral code: Ivanf024
(can be used during initial registration and KYC)

This game was designed to boost referral rewards to people who really need this extra bonus. Please do not cheat!

And Let’s the promo codes chain begin!


Hi Dude… I already use up your promo code… my frnd… tried to type your promo code as well he says it wont work… I also tried re entering it after KYC in the profile it also says this is not a valid promo code… is that a one time use only promo code… ??

Im adding my promo code… 138079de49

Enter the code above and pops up with no promotional code


@Piotr_Milnickel, @john300076 let me check with Celsius Network customers support

Meanwhile I send you 5$ each in BCT via CelPay. Check private messages :wink:

Tkanki you!!!
I recipe :slight_smile:

1253438b56 as of Aug 6, 2019

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https://celsiusnetwork.app.link/1830179197 i have deposited almost 5000$ to your app but see zero bitcoins bonus :cold_face::woozy_face:

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@GerbyHg, code should be used BEFORE the KYC and money should be deposited within first 5 days after the registration

I believe my account met all requirements so far will wait the 5 days for the bitcoin bonus.:grimacing::grimacing:

if not you can always contact Celsius team [email protected]
They have pretty good support

Hi ya Dude,

Just wondering are you still doing or is your promo code above still offering the promotion upon joining please?

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Sorry but your Code notavilabe
And this is main 1624665425

Yes! But you must use it before the registration and I’ll send you 5$ afterwards

You must use this code before registration (before KYC)

Sorry, man, but I didnt know and I already did the KYC verification :frowning:

No problem. It is a bit confusing indeed :slight_smile:

Yes xd and now i remember :slight_smile: and for celsius not akcept doge?

No. Do you have a lot of DOGE?

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Little :slight_smile: i mining doge for telegram

Dude and how 5$ for celpay?

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