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40$ Celsius Network referral code (initial registration!)

Just send it to you. Check PM


Smart Little Marketing To You Sir! Are You Still Sending $ To People That Use Your Code? I’m About To Sign Up Now!

It Accepted Your Code :slight_smile: https://celsiusnetwork.app.link/197553178b

Your Code Worked Perfectly

Do you still send still send $ to people to use your code. I’m about to sign up.

@Mik_Crypto @sam

Yes I do! Send the screenshoot here and you’ll receive your 5$ in BTC with CelPay :slight_smile:

I followed the “chain of referrals” idea in the first post and signed up using @Mik_Crypto’s code, rather than OP’s.

If anyone else is still following this approach, my referral code is 19750945b6.

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Thank you for sticking to the original idea! I plan to create separate page, where the only one (last) promo code will be visible. Forum format is not really the best solution here. Because people get it wrongly :slight_smile:

Hope someone will use your promo code and continue the chain!

@Dude sorry , but I used your referral code bro and hope it satisfies the condition as it was successfully applied and KYC is completed afterwards. Please can you transfer the promised . I have uploaded the screenshot and my referral .

Thanks for the referral chain intiation it is giving a huge boost and encouragement to new beginners like me by adding 5$ each in BCT via CelPay. :slight_smile::+1:.

My Referral code is 100223be20 so please use it friends and correct the chain format and keep it going.

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Hey there Ivan dude man! I used your code and am going to deposit the BTC!

Also if anyone’s doing chain, mine is 1343957f7d
Much Love, Peace!

Done and Done!

@Panther, @tatsy, @EhMarrr

I send you 5$ each via Celsius Pay;
From now on please follow the chain rules and use the last persons promo code and post your code afterwards. This way you’ll receive 10$ more as a referral reward!

I will not send 5$ anymore because this is not what this chain game was about :slight_smile:

Thank you

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Thanks @Dude , I am in process of using this wallet by moving my assets from other ones but just for getting advice there is term “do not keep all your eggs in single nest otherwise it can broke in one blow of wind” so please can you guide us what would be good startegy to use only one or diversify.

Since Celsius changed the conditions of promo code the chain reward is changed to 5$!

I used @tatsy ‘s promo code to sign up with. Keep it going!

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Hey Tatsy, i used your code.

Would be looking forward to receive something.

My promo code is 11681885e4

Thank you all!!!

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@Philipp_Hoffmann unfortunately you used wrong code. I will try to help with chain a bit…

Next user, please use the @C86’s code! Thank you

P.S. I’m preparing the new website for this one, forum is really not the best format for this game :wink:

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Hi all, I’m new and tried @C86 promo code but was invalid so used @Philipp_Hoffmann!

For the next person, my promo code is 14757360d1

Thanks everyone!

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Hi all, I’m new and tried @audemars promo code.

For the next person, my promo code is 152545204b.

Thanks everyone!

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Hey there! BCMP’s code was used but you can try 1177138ae3

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