Celsius Network Watchdog

Celsius Network Update 28 June 2019

Is it dark in here, or is it just the Celsius app?

Big News

We’ve added some sleek new features to the Celsius app! Turn the lights out and experience Celsius in dark mode, plan ahead with the new in-app loan calculator, take advantage of enhanced security options, and more!

Your Turn to Earn 👊

Earn up to 10.13% APR on stablecoins PAX, USDC, TUSD, & GUSD. By converting your dollars to a dollar-pegged coin, you can earn more than 170x what a bank offers. Receive interest in CEL for even greater rewards.

Speaking of “Sell” 😉

Don’t lose the upside potential of your crypto by selling it. Get the cash you need at rates you deserve using your crypto as collateral.

CEL Count: 2,613,000 🙌

Celsius Network purchased another 373,000 CEL tokens this week on the Liquid and IDEX exchanges to distribute interest income to over 25% of Celsians already earning in CEL! That brings our CEL purchase total to over 2.6 million CEL tokens!

Last week we announced that CEL utility is temporarily halted for US residents, and it lead to some confusion. To clarify, this was a proactive step we decided to take per the advice of our legal counsel. We were not contacted by any government agency to make these changes. We fully expect this to be a temporary measure. US customers never missed an interest payment, and never will. The change only related to earning interest in the CEL token. US-based customers will continue to earn in-kind as we work to provide more options.

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