Celsius Network Watchdog

Promo code statuses

I have a two questions regarding using promo codes with the Celsius app:

  1. What does the “pending” vs “locked” status mean? Based on my initial experience, it looks like “pending” means that the code is applied and is waiting for the requirements to be met. “Locked” seems to imply that the promo code has been applied and is completed. Is that correct?

  2. Can/should you have multiple pending promo codes? Is it better to add one only after the previous one is complete? For example, could one have both TRUST and BTC entered in the app and in pending status without issue?

I apologize for the newbie questions and appreciate everyone’s help!


Hi Ernest, the pending/locked system is new. It only appears in the last update. They did not give many details on it. If have the same comprehension on the meaning of the terms. Maybe it needs a little time to change from pending to locked. I wil see it tomorrow, I sent btc today after using SANTA 3 days ago.

For the second point, I would use the 1st code, send the required cryptos, then use the 2nd code and send the needed amount to validate it.


Locked should refer to the requirements are met, but you are still required to meet the time limit. Just as you have mentioned.