Celsius Network Watchdog

Where you from? Why you use Celsius?

hi, lets tell a few words about yourself? and why you using Celisus?

I’m from Ukraine and I’m using Celsius to have additional yield on part of my crypto. Otherwise Interesting how they play with CEL utility and how project will grow in next 10 years

How about you?

Hi there !
Well, I was born in Bolivia and currently I’m living between France and Spain.
I’m using Celsius mainly as a way to increase a portion of my portfolio without putting it at risk by trading.
I think Celsius has an interesting and different business model which seems more fair (and more efficient) to me.
I’m also very curious about the CEL token performance… hope not to be disappointed ; )

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Hi I’m in France, at first, I was just using Celsius to increase my revenues on cryptos. But now I think Celsius is a little bit more than that because of Alex and the community spirit.

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Hi everyone! I’m from Los Angeles and fairly new to the crypto community. I’ve traditionally traded stocks, but I found owning blockchain assets to be much more exciting and rewarding. Apps like Celsius are like owning high-growth stocks while also receiving strong dividends (and in the case of Celsius, weekly interest). To me, it’s a win-win situation and makes it my favorite form of investing. :slight_smile:

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