Linen, the non-custodial, multi-signature & Keyless crypto wallet announced today they are launching on Polygon. We have been following the development of this app for a while and am excited to test the new integration. We all know GAS fees are horrible and according to the email from Linen about the launch “Users of Linen Wallet do not need to pay transaction fees on Polygon” They are coving the already low fees!

What does Linen do and why should you care? Well, you should learn right from them, so download the app (iOS only right now) or visit the website.  To simplify things, they make a crypto wallet that you don’t need a Seed Phrase for. (Ever lose one of those? Yeah….) They are also directly integrating some Defi protocols (Think Compound Finance) and currently working to integrate Wallet Connect so you can use others. Try telling your grandma how to hook MetaMask to Compound to earn some yield?  Save the headache and get her signed up on Linen. They have also built out the direct purchase of some assets with Simplex and a swap feature.

As of writing this, I have $96.10 USDC in a Coin Base wallet waiting for who knows what.  If I were to move it to AAVE V1 it would cost me $287.98.  Use Linen on Polygon to move something into AAVE, $0 fee!!  That’s big for small investors.

I joined the waitlist before I got the email announcement. You can head over to Linen to join the waitlist now also.

Watch this app and team in the future. They seem to be working hard to really create a special product. (Disclosure, The author of this is an investor in Linen.)