Hi. I’ve found information on other media for the correct use of promo codes.
Try to read it before using codes in the app.
It takes 2 minutes to be sure not to lose the reward.

TL/DR Summary.
If you want to be sure :

  • Enter the code
  • Transfer at least the amount required
  • Wait 30 days and do not withdraw.

Details :

1. How long do they have to add crypto after they activate the promo code.
A: You have 10 days to make the required transfers after entering a promo code.

2 . Can I use multiple transactions to meet the requirement.
A: Yes, after entering a promo code, you can make as many transactions as needed to fulfill the total amount of $ required for that promo.

  1. Can I remove my interest during this time?
    A: Any withdraws may affect your reward while in the 30 day hold period.
  2. Can I use CelPay during this period?
    Any CelPay transactions out of your account may affect your promo reward while in the 30 day hold period.
  3. Does a CelPay activate the promo code?
    A: No, it must be an on-chain transfer to your wallet.
  4. How long is this promo code going to last?
    A: Each code is different, but all codes have a 10 day period after entering to fulfill the required amount of transfer.
  5. Do I have to maintain an overall balance or is it specifically a fresh transaction to the wallet.
    A: No, The transfer must meet the required amount at the time Celsius receives it, but as the value fluctuates the reward will not be affected.

Example with a $500 deposit required :
In regards to the new promo code, the way it works is that you must add $500 worth of crypto then hold that for 30 days.

The time of addition is what triggers the promo code. If you add $500 and after the price drops your code is still activated and if you hold for the 30 days you will receive the reward. If you remove any crypto from the app then it will terminate the code.
Example 1 – You add exactly the minimum of $500 then you are unable to remove anything during this time. If you remove the coin you added or a different one it will terminate the promo code.
Example 2 – You add $2,000 worth of a coin (to keep this example simple let’s say there is no change in price throughout this 30 days) then you can remove $1,500 of this coin or any other and still have met the requirement. However, the coin price will change so you have to take this into account.

Other actions that will void your promo code are as follows:

  • You didn’t enter the code
  • You didn’t add enough crypto to meet the requirement
  • You added the minimum amount of crypto and upon transfer, it dipped by a dollar and then didn’t meet the requirement
  • You withdrew coins, activated the promo code then put back the coins this won’t work. You can’t cheat the system.
    This process is automated so if you don’t receive it then one of the above reasons is the cause.