Below is the current list of all active promo codes for Celsius.  Remember you can join the sign up referral chain here if you are a new customer.



Promo Code Reward Amount Reward Coin Minimum Transfer Eligible Coin(s) Lock Period
HODL10* $10 BTC $100 All 30 days
HODL50* $50 BTC $400 All 30 days
HODL500* $500 BTC $25,000 All 90 days
HODL2K* $2,000 BTC $250,000 All 90 days
BNB40 $40 BNB $400 BNB 30 days
ADA40 $40 ADA $400 ADA 30 days
ADA500 $500 ADA $20,000 ADA 90 days
STABLE10 $10 BTC $50 USDC, USDT 30 days
STABLE50 $50 BTC $200 USDC, USDT 30 days
STABLE600 $600 BTC $25,000 USDC, USDT 90 days


Please note:

If you activate more than one promo code at the same time, you must make as many eligible transfers as the number of promo codes you want to use. Codes must also be fulfilled in the order you entered them.
For example: If you want to use the HODL10 code as a first time user and the BNB40 code for general transfer, you must make 2 separate transfers to lock both bonuses. A single transfer will not qualify and lock both codes – you must first transfer $100 to lock HODL10 and then make a second transfer of $400 to lock BNB40. Transferring $500 at once will only lock the HODL10 promo code bonus and will not additionally qualify for BNB40.