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List of all promo codes for Celsius Network

Celsius Network has two types of promo codes: 1) the one you should use during initial registration 2) you can use any time. Here I’ll post a list of known promo codes for all registered users. You can use promo code inside Celsius application by following: “Profile -> Enter Promo Code”

**Promo Code FAQ**

How long do they have to add crypto after they activate the promo code.
A: You have 10 days to make the required transfers after entering a promo code.

Can I use multiple transactions to meet the requirement.
A: Yes, after entering a promo code, you can make as many transactions as needed to fulfill the total amount of $ required for that promo.

Can I remove my interest during this time.
A: Any withdraws may affect your reward while in the 30 day hold period.

Can I use CelPay during this period?
Any CelPay transactions out of your account may affect your promo reward while in the 30 day hold period.

Does a CelPay activate the promo code?
A: No, it must be an on chain transfer to your wallet.

How long is this promocode going to last for?
A: Each code is different, but all codes have a 10 day period after entering to fulfill the required amount of transfer.

Do I have to maintain an overall balance or is it specifically a fresh transaction to the wallet.
A: No, The transfer must meet the required amount at the time Celsius receives it, but as the value fluctuates the reward will not be affected.

If I add BTC for the code can I remove XRP or any other coin.
A: Any withdraws may affect your reward while in the 30 day hold period.

Please submit promo code if you aware of one!

Valid promo codes:

  1. Promo code NEWHOME get $10 in CEL when you increase your wallet balance by $500 within 90 days.
  2. START bonus for a first transfer // thx to
  3. New promo code DNS $25 reward for $200 deposit by

Expired promo codes:

  1. Promo code “STABLE” Deposit $500 or more in stable coins USDC, GUSD, TUSD, and PAX by August 18, 2019, and receive $10 in BTC deposited directly into your Celsius wallet.
  2. Promo code “FREDERICFTW” – $10 in BTC when you deposit $500 or more in stablecoins
  3. SUMMER” receive 20$ for sending 200$ (thank you Xan for sharing)

The topic will be updated once we have new promo codes.
Last update: 2 November 2020

Happy Hodling!


New promo code just arrived!

The summer may be winding down, but our interest income is heating up! We’re celebrating with BTC rewards on stable coin deposits! Enter the promo code ’ STABLE ’ in your Celsius app and earn $10 in BTC when you deposit $500 or more worth of stable coins by August 18, 2019.

New Promo code “FREDERICFTW” Get $10 in BTC when you deposit $500 or more in stablecoins


There was interesting promotion from Celsius 1 hour ago:

  1. From the profile screen in your Celsius app, select “Enter a promo code”
  2. Enter promo code: LEAP
  3. Deposit $1,000 or more in crypto
  4. Receive $100 in BTC deposited directly into your Celsius wallet

It was over in about 5-6 minutes! NOT VALID anymore

Only promo codes here, not initial registration codes. Thanks

Any new promo codes? Where are they found?

Only for loans, at the moment

You have the code : “SPRING” For a deposit of $100, you get $10 of BTC.

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“SUMMER” is working now, receive 20$ for sending 200$

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I thought SUMMER was not active anymore.

USE START promo code

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can confirm this one, gives a bonus for a first transfer

ADMIN EDIT: promo codes only in this topic

more: FALL20, GOLD20

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These codes are working, but they are only for first transfer

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I tried the FALL20 and GOLD20 codes AFTER making my first transfer. (But I haven’t made a second transfer yet). And I’ve got a message saying that I’ve already made my first deposit…

Is there any way for me to still be able to profit from this codes ?

Are there any other promos at the moment ?

Cheers !


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HI Javier, you have to use the code before the 1st transfer.

Ok, thanks Crytolive.

Any chance of a second (or third) deposit bonus code ?

just in case : D

New promo code “DNS” $25 reward for $200 deposit


Hi all,

As a matter of forum organisation, I believe there are separate threads for ‘referral codes’ and ‘promotion codes’. A referral code can only be used at the outset (i.e. before new user inputs KYC data) and confers $20 to both the referrer and new user. My referral code, for example, is 154457cee4 and is unique to me.

‘Promotion codes’, by contrast, can be used only after a user has inputed her KYC data and had her account verified. Promo codes are not unique to the referrer; for example, promo codes GOLD20 and START can both be used after the user has been verified but before a first deposit has been made. Other promo codes have different T&Cs – the recent code DNS confers existing users with $25 upon making a $200 deposit.

So that everyone ‘gives and gets $20’ as part of the initial ‘referral game’ (and receives $40 in total), referral codes should be added to the end of the forum entitled ‘40$ Celsius Network referral code (initial registration!)’. I recently added my code to the end of that forum upon using the then latest entry in that forum being the code of user equalrock1.

Anyway, apologies for a longwinded post: the main point for prospective users is to ensure they enter a referral code before inputting any KYC data. Upon signing up, new users can then add their referral code to the end of the above mentioned referral code forum, thus ‘giving and getting $20’ (total received $40) from the referral code process. Additional amounts may then be claimed from any applicable promotion codes.

Many thanks